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Aug 29, 2010

Too many paper works

I guess I have to vent about this paper works that I need to fill out and submit. Not only that I need the proof to send along. At the same time since I won't be going to the office personally, I need to notarized everything. All this works and extra effort that I need to be done or get ready before the whole expiration will be too close.

But, I must list all the things in order that way I won't forget a single document. I was thankful enough to my previous job. Because my former boss did thought me to prepare works a month before the deadline. Gathering all the informations and evidence for a document before being rush when the deadline comes. That trait was within my veins now and I love it. I want all things be more advance/ready. Who doesn't?

Anyways, after all this paperworks we have to figure out to buy a nice bedroom furniture for our little one. Time flies so fast and he grows so fast. So before he gets taller and taller. It would be better to have one ready.

3 freaking comments:

Sometimes we just procrastinate and wait for the last minute before meeting a deadline. Hope you get it on time though.

unsa diay na nga paperworks, sis?

@Marlene: Oh.. i hate procrastinating.. my husband is like that.. that's why i wan't to punch him.. joke...

@Lynn: oh, my son's report of birth, his phil passport...etc...

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