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Aug 2, 2010

Sheets he loves

My son has this thing for circles. Although this isn't a perfect circle and this is a octagon, he likes it pretty much the first time he saw it at the store. I didn't know that until I met them with my husband at the toy section. C has been hugging this sheet set and won't even let go. 

We decided to buy one and waits until he wears out of being a sheet hogger. 

Although I haven't put on the sheets on our bed mattress but I can imagine what would it be look like when he sees it. 

2 freaking comments:

maybe chaos liked the colors mads. how cute of him to act like that, lol.

this one got a bright color mads, but the other circle sheets we have do have a lousy color like white, light blue and black and still he LOVES it soooo much...

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