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Aug 3, 2010

Fun things to do

Summer isn't over yet, we bought this amazing water balloons to enjoy with my in laws. It is nice to know that we have this simple toys to play with and be a kid for once in awhile. 

I can't wait to share this toys with my son in more months to come. He might be enjoying it especially when he knows he will get wet when this explode closer to him.

I have to make sure that I have spend more time with my son for now. I don't have work yet but I want to give  all my attention to him. 

For awhile, I am trying to learn a new software. Have you ever heard about the FileMaker Pro? I don't have any idea with the new computer software now. But in order to be updated I must do a self study on this new software. You could also do it you know. Just don't give up and keep reading and studying.

5 freaking comments:

Hi Nova! I frequently see your name from my friend's pages. Would you mind for a link exchange?

Hi Novs salamat sa visit ug sa nice comments, sorry sa late reply..

na lingaw gyod na imo baby ana pag Ok na makaduwa sya ana..

Wa gyod ko kakita sa imo angel Novs bah... nag update ka nya sa imo blog? Sos tagsa man god ko kalaag diri oi labina karon na problem sa internet connection...

Nova.. i love water balloons! hehe.. but i haven't heard about playing with in laws? let me dig deeper, online... am curious now :)

they are fun to play with. chaos would surely love it

Wow, water ballons? I love it too. Its fun way to get wet. hehe

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