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Aug 24, 2010

Four teeth at once....

It is only fine if the kid is a year old. But when your kid is only 6 months old and has a teeth coming in? I don't think that is a good idea. But we have to let the nature do its work. The only thing that I can do for my son is to make sure that I give him more comfort as much as he needs. For I know it is not comfortable for him to feel the pain within his mouth. l

Thank God that inspite of the pain my son is feeling. He doesn't have any fever at all. Unlike other baby do. He is still the same cheerful sunshine that I have. He may fuss, I don't blame him for I know that when he does that. It only means one thing that he can't take it anymore.

Seeing those teeth coming in, makes me overwhelmed. My baby is growing so fast. He is already in the time that he is creeping. 

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ty again Novs for commenting my post and for the visit of course...

akong little boy dugay nagawas iya ngipon pero naa na teeth mark sa sulod na ready to came out before, pero imo upat gawas na, wow..naa gyod baby ingon ana dali na mag ngipon..

oh time flies so fast really mads. don't worry, his antibodies and body resistance is high.

thank you for you sharing.your atricle is very good.

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