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Jul 13, 2010

Two Teeth

Two teeth came out from my son's front lower gum. Nobody notices about it until one day when I tried to put my finger in his mouth and then he slowly bit me. It was not hurt at all, but I was so overwhelmed about what I found out. His father was mowing on the lawn, and I was super excited to tell him the news about his first born son. So I have to wait though. It was still there the next day. Yes, I was kinda paranoid because of it. And as a first time mother everything is just overwhelming to us. I wrote the great even to his baby book which his grandmother gave during the baby shower. In order for me not to forget everything about his first. I don't really trust my memory lately for some reason, so better be safe than sorry.

Speaking of which, I know my son is growing so fast. And I want to make sure that I am taking good care of him. I was thinking of making a room in the house where I can work at home and hopefully will be hired from one of the company that I am applying with. I can buy Used Office Furniture San Diego and set it there once these company will call me and offer me a job at home. Crossing my finger and I do hope this wish will do come true that way, I can earn money while taking care of my son too

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