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Jul 1, 2010

Home Insurance

I don't know much about home insurance until I move for good here in US. I admit that I was not aware with the insurances you need in your life. Aside from the health insurance there are so many insurances that you must apply with. Put in mind that many things needs to be secure for the future. What if something happens, God forbids. We don't know what would be our destiny. And we do hope that it would be something great that nobody aches in the end. 

I am glad enough that my husband got a Home Warranty Insurance just in case something happens in our home. At least we have the money to build and start all over again, although we admit that the things we lost is not enough of the things that will be replace. 

Securing ourselves now would be a great idea, especially that we have our son who needs to be insured or secured in the future. 

If you haven't got any home insurance yet, don't wait too long before applying one. Like I mentioned we don't know the future, the secure the better.

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Nowadays marketing strategy of some company is to inject in our mind about our future security. So this kind of business is really mukhang patok sa karamihan.

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