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Jul 20, 2010

Heat Rash

Summer gives so many heat rash at my son. I know he can't talk yet but I bet it is very itchy when he got some. I tried so hard to make sure that it'll go away. Since we don't have AC before my heart is broken just to see those heat rash in his body. I nagged at my husband because he loves to procrastinate in so many ways. That is one thing I don't like. People procrastinate. I am not perfect but hey! I make sure that I accomplished those important things before its too late and everything will be rush. 

Anyway, let's go back to the heat rash. There are many ways to comfort the feeling of a baby when they have heat rash. A cold wash cloth  wipe into their body. But I know that is not enough. 

But that was before. I am just happy now that the AC has finally installed.

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It's my struggle before, Procrastinating, thank God, I'm changing for good. hehe. Happy for you Ate that AC was installed. Just be watchful also with the electric bill, How is chaos now? is the rashes gone?

glad that chaos will be relieved now of the heat rashes. the comfrot of the baby is really very impt.

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