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Jul 15, 2010

Fussy Baby makes me think

Lately for no reason that I can think of my son was super fussy. I do everything for him but yet it seems he wasn't satisfied. I have been reading baby books to learn how to deal when baby fussy an d help them be comfortable when they aren't. Sometimes, I told myself to just take a deep breath if I could not understand what else to do just to make sure that my son will be fine. I know how hard to takes care of a kid. I mean, I deal with this before when I'm watching my niece and nephews. Here, I have to do it by myself. I have no help except when my husband gets back from work. Who knows when he finished his work for the day. 

I know sometimes I can't just take it and the frustration is overwhelming. I don't like it, I want it to make sure that I am not stress, frustrated with my son's being fussy. Good thing, I have this scrapbook that I can take an old and happy memories I had way back in Philippines. The visits my husband did, the vacations/ trips we had. This makes me think of the climbing experience we had in that 7,720 feet above sea level mountain. I was thinking that once we get back why not do that experience again? I have my family to watch for my son while we are gone. But make sure that I have the climbing gear sale on this website.

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