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Jul 7, 2010

First time to be in Cuba

Everyone is super excited to once again visit some of the family members in Cuba, PA. It was me, my husband, Betsy, Mom and of course for the very first time ever for our son to be on that place. An hour and a half land travel with my family is such a nice thing, except that it is just way too hot outside. So the air-conditioner in the car is way up. 

Everything went well there, we stayed at least more than two hours. Hang out with your family is really amazing. Love the travel, baby got so fussy maybe because of the heat or something else? We don't know, but the moment we got home from the trip he was fine and be on his normal and usual things to do. 

While my father and son played each other. I was on my computer surfing. I have to make sure that I don't forget about our Network Security Software. Because lately, I noticed that for some reason my computer freezes without doing nothing. I am scared their might be some bug. I know, that's why I make sure that I have the most powerful Antivirus. This will help me a lot to prevent viruses in my computer and get it away from the spam. I have also installed the Antispam to protect it.

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I agree, security should not be taken granted, if you don't want to face hassles in the future.

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