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Jul 29, 2010

Don't give up to God

I could not stop crying while watching this video. This isn't something that we usually see. This shows how life is beautiful and we should trust God no matter what. I do hope that by sharing and watching this video. I could at least help you enlighten your might. Be thankful of what we have, and don't ruin your life just because there is a thing that you didn't get. 

6 freaking comments:

inspirational one Novah.. I love it! makes me cry here too.. just the way you convey, means a lot already. Great! Thanks for sharing Nov.. muahhh!

No problem Cacai.. i'm glad that you have watched and listened to his experienced.

It makes me cry here too...
Thank you for sharing :)

Thank you also for your comment on my blog :)

Sad, but inspiring video with a direct message from God that all things are possible through Him. Let us pray that the Lord with continue strengthen our spiritual journey and faith. Thanks for sharing.

left me teary eyed after viewing it. its very inspiring

Thank you ladies i'm glad you all like it...

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