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Jun 15, 2010

Took his own diaper

It is really weird for a baby who just reached 4 months old to take his own diaper. I know it is by accident but it is still weird for me. Okay, here's what really happens. I was busy in the kitchen and hubby was busy outside too. So, I put C on the floor with the nursing pillow on his back to support him while watching cartoon network. I know that he already pooped a little. I do waits until his done pooping because it happened so many time that every time I changed him on a new diaper his shits again. So, might as well wait for a minute or two.

So, I heard him crying, a cry of a baby that needs some company or needs to be change. I told myself that he might just doing it on purpose. Then afterwards he continuously cried to I go and checked him. I was totally surprised to see that his diaper is right next to him. I thought that it's my husband to removed it, but how can he not clean him and put on a new diaper. I went outside and call him in to see what's going on. He promised  never touched him at all, and neither do I.

I kid you not, but the diaper has a lot of shit in it. And there as only few spots on his legs. You can't see anything on his butt and on the mattress. Weird huh! I know!

3 freaking comments:

hahaha his angel did it i guess, lol. kids have a way of getting rid of irritants to them. ty for the visit mare,

sounds great, for a 4 months old baby.

@imelda: That's what I thought too Mare, it was surprisingly jud for both of us... to make sure it won't forgotten I write it down on his baby book...

@Jesson: yup, thanks for the visit and 4 mons old babies were just awesome

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