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Jun 21, 2010

Take it back...

of getting this blog a domain.... For some reason I got lost of my interest in blogging lately. It is not that I have no entry to post with but because aside from being super duper busy. Paid post isn't as many like before. I do admit that I must campaign for the traffic but I don't have that much time just to sit here and blog hop. Now that I have more priority in life, my son. I wanted to earn extra income as I don't work anymore and I don't like to ask money from my husband.

I have to think twice about this. If whether or not to get a domain for this or not. I need your advice/ opinion and would really appreciate it. For now I am confuse and still debating in my thoughts.

2 freaking comments:

sis don't get back the domain of this site, you will never know if this gains a high pr soon

@imelda: was thinking about that... just like what rosey has and lucky enough...

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