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Jun 29, 2010

Quick tour

We have a great weather today. Was planning to go for a walk with my son after his afternoon nap. While he was still awake I talked to him regarding the plan I have for both of us. Go outside the house and go to the store. When my dear sister in law gave me a call and invited us to go to the store with her. She will be buying a quick grocery for her new place. She is moving with her boyfriend this week. This is the only day off she has after waiting for another one in about seven days in a row work.

It is nice because I know for sure that I have more options with the items that I am about to buy. So, gladly we get ready for the quick tour. While in the store, I did find nice items window shop with my sister in law and went to find this great log bunk bed. I go like, oh my goodness this bed is absolutely great for my son. I know he is not quite big enough but I wanted this for him. I love to buy it right away before I change my mind but since I can't carry the item, we decided to leave it there for a while. Just go back with hubby and go for it. Now I can't wait.

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