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Jun 20, 2010

My Husband's First Father day

I am not sure if he feels excited on the celebration of Father's Day, but I do. I can't tell because it seems like just one ordinary day for him. Aside from that on the same day, was my 2nd year anniversary here in USA. Time flies soooo fast that we didn't noticed it was already 2 years ago, when I decided to leave my family and move in the U, get married, have a kid for good. As if, things just happened yesterday. 

What will we do on Father's Day? I don't know yet. Well see what tomorrow. I don't want to tell things ahead that would turn out happening. I have something? Definitely. For those father's and to my beloved one and only Father. This greeting is for you.


4 freaking comments:

Hi Novs, sorry sa late reply, oo pero lahi ra gyod diri sa Pinas regarding sa oppss!!!! pero k lang kay busy paman ko, hopefully kon stable nami tanan diri opss kay k napod.. Akoa kay payu2 palang,hehehehe.....

By the way Happy Fathers Day sa imong bana!!!! pareha na sa akong bro n law, he is so excited kay 1st father's day daw nya din he invites my whole family to lunch, excited gyod!!!!!...Happy fathers Day sa imong bana again!!!!

Happy Fathers day to your hubby ate. and Happy 2nd anniversary there in US.:-)

belated hapi father's day to ur hubby and father sis.

@Lisa: good for you sa mag opps.. ako dre intawon nagdaginot..wala jud..wa pay pr sus kapait...

@yen: thank you daw...

@Imelda: Thank you daw sis...

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