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Jun 4, 2010


That is one of the development my Son is doing lately. He loves to mimick you, I love to look at him too because it is way too funny for a baby to copy cat some of the things you do. And that is how they learn and remember things. We have to make sure that every single day they will be introduce to new things. As what the book says, it is one of the many things to help them develop their brains and will know about the things around them.

I have noticed that he started to copy cat way too early. During his late 2 months old, on the rocking chair with my husband. He wiggle his toes for some reason and my son was so attentive that he keeps staring at his Dad's foot. Baby was sitting on his Dad's lap and after awhile he started to wiggle his same toe.

I was really shocked and to make sure that it is not just an accident. So, my husband do it again and this time on his other foot, as once again he mimicks him again. It is so funny to look at. 

Sometimes, when we visit my mother in law's place my son is also curious about the dogs that my mother in law has. They are friendly and harmless but I still make sure that I keep an eye on them. Especially, when they these dogs gets closer to my son. As long as I have my eyes on them they can wonder in my son. I'm sure they were given more attention as well as giving them a best dog food.

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Ei Nov - I've got a tag for you, hope you can grab it here:

Aw! ka cute ng mag mommy. Nice hobby ate.

@josie: I will dear thanks a bunch...

@ yen: thanks for the visit...

C is a smart kid sis. he is starting to show it this early

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