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Jun 8, 2010

Making Bubbles is a precious memory

It is really nice to notice that day by day your baby has learn things with your help and on his own as well. I have noticed recently while playing with his Dad that baby C has making bubbles. I thought it is because his Dad was playing with him. But I really keep an eye on him and he eventually makes bubbles on his own. I like to watch this kind of things, aside from the fact that it amuses me it also tells me that my son learns new things everyday. It tells me that my son is getting bigger and older too.

I purchase a video camera as a gift last Christmas for my husband. I heard him before that he loved to have this so that he can video tape memories from his family. He lost one of his sister 3 years ago and he told me that only if he has this video camera he could have taken videos and have memories to watch. And he was really happy when I bought him this as a gift last year.

Now, we can take videos with the bundle of joy that we have. Make sure the we have him taken every month that way we can watch this over and over and when he is older too. Also I would like to learn more about video taping who knows I have a natural talent when it comes to this. And someday we can do Video Production in Austin TX. Wouldn't that be a great opportunity? I bet it is.

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good for you to buy that video, its a great idea to documents memorable stages in life of a family member and memorable events as well

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