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Jun 3, 2010

Holding both hands

This is the kind of things my son has been doing since he reached his month age of 2. The last time I remember when the Nurse asked me if he both hold his hands and I have never noticed about that before, I told her that No. Then the minute that we are back home from the doctor's appointment I saw C hold both his hand together. From that day forward he likes to hold both his hands. Play with them and lately a new things I have noticed is that he mimicks you which I do find really funny.

Now, I don't want to miss all this things in my son. I want to be there and sees him grow and new things that happened to him. What would I do someday that he'll be able to walk and talk and go to school. I know I have to let him do things on his own too so he will learn and that's how kids will learn. Just to make sure that we will be there to guide them and correct if they have done wrong things.

My husband mentioned one day that we are not staying in this house for a long time. After the mortgage be paid off. We will look and buy for a bigger house that way it would be big enough for a member of 5 in the family. I guess since I don't work and the only thing I do while baby C is napping is surfing I will try to look for a Property Manager in Cincinnati. This could help us find a nicer place in the future.

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