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Jun 11, 2010

His first roll over

Was before baby C reaches his 4 months. Isn't that awesome to know that your child is developing earlier than the usual? Advance is pretty much a miracle than a late one. I always pray that God will give us good health especially for my son. I don't know what he really wants if he cries because he never talks yet. I have to do all the things to make sure that he isn't hungry, unhappy, or wet. And thank God that he is such an Angel. Very manageable child you could ever wish you will have. Hope this won't ever change.

Moreover, let's go back to the first time he rolled over that I really missed it. Where was I? I'm doing some important things that I never expected my husband put baby C on his stomach for an early tummy time. When all of a sudden he just decided to roll from front to back. 

My husband came running towards me and told me what I just missed. I can hear from his voice how excited he was of what his son did. Which by the way I really missed. We tried to put him back again but nothing happens, until he just get fussy.

Never did happen for the rest of the day. But on the next day, just by myself if he would love to roll over he will definitely do it. If he decides not, you won't see him do it.

Also, I was really concern that he is now getting bigger and bigger and we don't have much space in the house. I was thinking of getting a Self Storage Facilities. This is only in America, because as far as I can remember I haven't heard this in Philippines. This is where you can put or stuck those things that you don't usually use and would like to keep it. Instead of keeping them inside your basement that you don't know if it is safe to do so. Why not just get one, that you can store all the things there without worrying.

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CONGRATs FOR this development

Ay ka cute, masarap nga siguro tlagang mommy, because your joy cannot be contain ate. :-)

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