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Jun 29, 2010

Circles hope its normal

Okay, I don't want to say it is weird but C really adores circles. I have noticed it one day when I nursed him. My nursing pillow has its circle pattern in it with bright and light colors. I never pays attention about that, until one night when I put on our bed sheets with white, blue and black color but with circles in it. He just stares in it as if it is something that calms him down and fascinates him. So from that time, hubby and I knows that he really adores circles so much. It is just weird but I am sure that it is just one of the things do baby amazes themselves. 

Speaking of amusement. I still don't have time to exercise and amuse myself in a form of games. I mean, hubby bought me this toy where not only that I can play with it and enjoy but at the same time I can exercise with it. Loses some of those baby fats I had from pregnancy. I know it is not the right time yet for me to lose weight because my body is still in the process of healing. But the earlier that I start exercising or engaging myself into some kind of work out the better. 

If not, I might as well think of the easiest way. I might be thinking of Plastic Surgery New York. I might be able to afford it or not. I might be brave enough for it or not. Who knows. But if you would like to do such thing? Check them out!

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