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Jun 10, 2010

Baby C can sit

With our help, he can now sit on his own. I used not to over-sit him because he isn't still that strong to stay sitting for a long time. He can picked up his head since he was not even a month old.  Which we really find amazing. As a parents, knowing your child is growing and developing accordingly makes you feel even more better.

He live by his toughness and strong. He is even more advance than a usual baby's growth. He learned earlier than we expected. What can we ask for more? Just good health, and away from sickness. I don't want my son to be sick, because it would be very tough for both us parents. He can't talk yet all he has to do is cry to let us know whether he is happy,  bored, hungry, sad or wet or simply just want to be held. 

For now, I am happy on what our precious is developing, can't for more.

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as early as now he is showing hes tough. chaos is cu a cute baby, pwera usog!

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