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Jun 6, 2010

4 Months old

Today, my son is officially 4 months old. I have friends, and family says that he is a big baby for his age. And I don't need to worry about it because it is just normal. I would be worrying if they said that he never grow or gain weight. For now I forgot to weigh him on our Wii Fit board. That is my ways of getting his weight.

Went to the Mall today with my hubby to buy Kiss concert tickets and some sleeveless clothes for my son. He definitely needs it since Summer is just a couple of weeks away. I don't want him to undress all the time.

I gotta wash them tomorrow that way I could put them on him on the next day. Providing that it's not going to rain again.

2 freaking comments:

Time moves so fast. Now chaos is 4 months old. Wow.

time flies so fast, the next you will know is he is already walking. ty for the visit, mare

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