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May 9, 2010

What Excites me

Is when I make Custom Wedding Invitations not for mu son of course, he is just 3 months old. I want to make a customized invitations for our wedding that was plan on the year 2012. Though, it is not settle or fix in regards with the date yet but it excites me a lot seeing my son walking on the aisle with me. Be blessed in the eyes of God. I don't know that I just really love to look at Wedding Invitations. Even if it is not for me or for someone that I know of. I guess I was born to admire wonderful things in related with love.

And I just can't wait for the wedding that we'll be happen in the near future. Be seen with my whole family and join me with this first and last wedding I'm going to have. Oh I won't forget to make sure that I'll be having a wedding shower. But before that will happen I have to make sure that I will have this encouraging Wedding Shower Invitations to make and distributed with or else nobody will be able to come and join me. 

Oh I just can't wait. And it excites me the most!

2 freaking comments:

Wow, looking forward to see those plan materialize. Love you ate. Happy Mothers day.mwah!

Thanks much Yen..don't change my sweet dear...

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