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May 9, 2010

Want to Island hop again

The first time that I experienced Island hopping is when my fiance's first visit to me in the Philippines. He told me before he came over that he love nature a lot. And that he wanted to explore and see what natures we have way back there. Advantage for me because I am in the position in my former company to seek, research about trips. Without any problems I hook him up or we together with my family, which would be the first time to meet him in person went island hopping. It is a whole day event on the boat exclusively for your family because you have to rent it. On that whole time we did enjoy to see the Saltwater fish, a Live coral during our scuba diving. And mostly while the said diving the instructor or coach that we have who goes with us diving showed us those Exotic saltwater fish. I tell you that you will be amazed of the wonders of nature. How fascinating this living things are. 

I keep thinking about that experience we have and can't wait to do it again. I do hope and when we go back to visit my hometown, we do island hopping again and feels the nature and enjoy the sea.

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