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May 8, 2010

So green outside

I am pretty much sure that would be the words my son would like to comes out from his mouth. If only he can speak to it now. But got to wait until he will learn how to speak the simple words first. Reasons why he would be saying that it's because since the weather here starts to feel warmer and it is safe for him to be outside. I always took him outside the house, sit on the porch enjoying the warm weather and finding good sky's outside. Even though he doesn't appreciate things that much but I am sure he can see the nice Patio Designs our neighbors had on their houses. Those Paver Stones, that just makes the ground even look nicer. And oh I'm not sure about it but I can see some Artificial Grass which you can harmless put inside your house too. I mean, If you don't want to go outside you can just bring those green green grasses inside your home. By purchasing those artificial grasses. You don't get worry if it will be stepped on because they won't die. You don't need to water them and they won't die during winter too. 

So, deep down inside my son's feeling he would love the green things he finally sees outside our house. And I bet he is also excited too just like me.

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From a loving Mum to another . . . Have a gorgeous Mother's Day!

It is your 1st Mother's Day, hope it will be extra special!

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