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May 20, 2010

Nutrition's appointment

Today would be the 2nd time my son and I visits the nutritionist. It's a program from the State that gives us additional supplies in order to make sure that mother and child have enough nutrition. It's something that I signed up for, just to get a little bit of support. Since I didn't work for now, at least this would be a big help for us.

I woke up too early, get myself ready thought that our appointment would be around 10am. Got a reminder phone call yesterday debating that I was appointed at 10am not 4pm. And to think and check on my appointment calendar that I was appointed to see them around 4pm. Embarrassing huh! I know, but at least it gives me and my son time to get more ready. 

10am is kinda early for us though, although the benefit is that we can enjoy the whole day after the appointment not worrying about it again.

2 freaking comments:

getting symptoms of aging huh lol, joke.its good u availed of the nutrition program sis. at least it saves u money and ensures good nutrition for you and my inaanak

@imelda: hahahaha mao jud... well may nlng ginangmay na tabang sis...

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