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May 2, 2010

No Thank You's to all Entrecard droppers

That is right my friend/s. I will no longer post a Thank you notes or entries here as a monthly Thank you to my dedicated Entrecard droppers. I am not mean, isnstead I'm giving them a special treat. 

If you were a keen observer you would know that by now. Before I'm going into a full detail. If not, here we go. I won't be posting the top 10 Entrecard droppers each month. As they deserves more than that, I have decided to make a special link for them on my sidebar right side. Yup, there .. you see it? Good.

Each month will be different. Meaning, I'll be changing this links depending on those who are on my statistic lists. And it'll stay for a month free of charge on this page. 

I do hope that you will appreciate this and soon if I've seen more improvement. From top 10 it might be up to top 20. Have fun!

5 freaking comments:

Hmmm, ang galing naman. napa creative mo naman te. keep it up:-)

wow how nice naman sis. woe me im not here lol koz i seldom ec drop

@Yen:thank you...

@Imelda:sige lang you'll still have time...

I do my best to be onein your top... my schedule is crazy... difficult!

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