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May 22, 2010

Mommy And Baby

One night, while we are about to go to bed. I goofed around and took pictures of mine and my son's foot.

See how amazing it is, I love it so I'm sharing this with you too.

Although his foot is almost half of my foot size which is really funny and my husband keeps teasing me that one day he'll grow up fast. And I'll just notice that his taller than I do.

4 freaking comments:

aw! that looks so cute sis!

that's so cute sis. bitaw, tama si hubby. before u know it, dako na iya tiil sa imo. hehe.

Thank you sisses....

chubby little foot of my inaanak here. ur rught sis he will grow up so fast and b4 u know it, he is going to school already

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