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May 28, 2010

A Mile Walk

One sunny day this week days my sister in law and her daughter invited us to take a walk in a wonderful sunny morning. Because it was the day after the rainy days, I was so excited and take the offer. We met up in the store to buy foods and both agreed to go to the Park. She mentioned that there were two parks in the area but since I am not fully familiar with the place, I let her pick where to go. We had so much fun. We walk and walk and walk until we both got in the Park. I sweat a lot and I love it. 

After an hour in the park, have eaten our foods. We decided to go home. So we walk and walk and walk again. Then when we got home I was really exhausted and dehydrated because of the heat of the sun. What did I do with my son? C and Madi [the name of my SIL's daugther] were good because they have to ride on their stroller.

So, I shared my day with my husband and he told me that from where we leave and into that park. It is a mile. So I told myself geeezzzz it's not that bad to walk that far. And that's the farthest walk so far I had since I got here.

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Its a good exercise ate, Walking:-)Our bloodstream will function very well if we make it a point to have a walk everyday for atleast 5 minutes.

So true and it makes me lose weight faster too.... sometimes i got lazy and procrastinates that's way this one here.. i was really proud when i walk a mile with my sil and niece

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