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May 10, 2010

Future Teaching

Things to really changes the day that my son was born. We became proud parents to a very brave and tough baby boy. Although, he got rough start he manage to showed to us that he will be alright. He shows progress and even impressed doctors and nurses who took care of him in the hospital. Thank God that was a nightmare leaving him in the hospital for a week.

Now we had a chance to make sure that we teach him the right from wrong. Which one should have, be practical and enjoy life while doing all this things. We would like to show to him that in life it is not just all about party, because you have to work hard in order to get what you need and wants, not just laid around and wait for graces without doing anything.

When he's old enough to understand life we can share him how the sacrifices we do just to have a house and paid of the house mortgage. Good thing that my husband didn't  do a Reverse Mortgage Massachusetts. It isn't easy to get a good house and lot and paying it off. We can also tell him that he can get a house from the other state and if he decided not to continue it he can just do Reverse Mortgage In New Hampshire. I'm sure it won't hurt the company because I'm sure it would be a satisfaction guarantee and if he doesn't like to live on the place he can either sell it or reverse it back. I should keep for future references.

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