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May 26, 2010

First flower

These two are the first flower that blooms in our backyard. I was really excited when I saw this and immediately I took a picture for a souvenir.  I can wait for the others to bloom as well. I took this while my son is asleep in the living room. Took advantage with the opportunity though. I wonder when would be its next time to blossom.

This reminds me of holidays. As much as I love to take pictures, one of my favorite things to do too is giving out holiday card to my family and friends. The thought that I want to let them know that I don't or will never ever forget them with this holidays, just because I'm faraway. I love those cute cards and mailing them is such a fun thing to do too.

2 freaking comments:

beautiful purple flowers u have here.would be more wonderful to see them bloom in many

True...but we have only limited spots and plants... now that we know they really plan is to buy more and plant more in different area around the house

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