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May 1, 2010

Day before the Baptism

So, before the day of the baptism I was so busy for the preparations. From the foods that I am making and the baby. Making sure that I've got his stuff ready and nothing to be missing on it. 

Saturday was the time that I prepared all the food or desserts I'm making. I made the egg custard or leche flan and coconut cake or we mostly known as Maja. Other desserts were made by my mother in law, and friends. Got to make sure that it'll be refrigerated before being eaten for it would be much better that way.

I ironed my clothes and my son's all white clothes for the Baptism. Get it all ready in the living room where I'm going to change him. And I am glad that I have done it all in the morning that way I have enough time to get rest in the afternoon. Everything is all handful to me.

Since everything is all taken cared off, I do have sometime to the computer and entertain myself to the funbrain that I recently discover online. It is an arcade game which helps to work your brain. That's why its been call funbrain for me. If you want to try check it out now.

2 freaking comments:

good luck mare sa baptism

@Imelda: thanks so much

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