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May 6, 2010

Chaos' Big Day

And so the day has come for Chaos' Big Day. His Baptism Day. We got up around 8:00 in the morning to prepare some foods that I'm going to bring after the ceremony. I mead, Chopsuey and fried rice as addition to the foods being prepared for the luncheon.

Before I started the cooking, I make sure that I have given Chaos a bath, get him dressed so am I too. Then time flies so fast that I didn't even notice it was almost noon. 

We have to go to Frewsburg to pick up my hubby's Grandma. We want her to be part of the event, as it is her first great grandson.

The Baptism take at least 30 minutes right after the Sunday Mass. Gathered the family, friends and relatives. Chaos godparents were there too, others who can't make it was also preayed. They can't make it because they were far away.

After the ceremony, we went to my mother in law's place, had eaten our lunch with the great foods that was serve. Did the Karaoke, had fun and it was all ended around 4:00pm.

It was a long day for my son and for us. I am so happy that now, my son is now part and was welcomed in the Christian World.

3 freaking comments:

Hi Novs, salamat sa visit at sa comments, i appreciate it.. Happy Baptism sa imong little angel, wish to see more updates on your blog, TY....

enjoy you son´s baptism...blessing to all....karaoke that´s fun...

anyway where are you in Europe? ako sa Gothenburg Sweden...
nice to be in her again it´s been a while since I was her in you nice blog...

take care...

welcome to the christian world! congratulations.

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