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May 18, 2010

3 Months old

Time flies so fast. Now my kid is already 3 months old. It's just like yesterday that we are getting ready for his coming. Now, he got so many amusing things he can do. New things he learn and experience. Been into different places as well.

Being a mother, it is not really easy. Before I could not relate what my mother or sisters felt because I do only babysit with my niece and nephews. It is way too different when you actually have your own child and take good care of him or her 24/7. 

I got pains in my back, hand and neck that I have experience lately. Maybe because of the stress and things that I only do on my own. I don't blame or regret doing this for my family. It's what mothers do, right? I would love to be given a massage by my one and only love to help me feel better. But before that I should purchase tamanu oil benefits to use in my skin.

3 freaking comments:

heheh.. really amazing isnt it? enjoy the moment.. kisses to the little cutie:)

time flies so fast really, 3 mos na si baby chaos. im sure hes such a cutie. by the way sis i will click on ur ads here, pls do some clicking too in mine ok? wink

@teJan: i will...true it's really amazing, its way too different when its your own flesh and blood that you are taking care off

@imelda: uu 3 mons na sya sis... sige i will click in your ads pud para pantay...saon lately busy akong beauty maong once in awhile ra ko visit sa inyong blogs..

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