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Apr 13, 2010

Good stuff

These are the other good stuff I've got from my baby shower 2 months ago. Never got the chance to showed the whole gift because I want to make sure that I elaborate it clearly without mixing any. 

Want to prioritized and give thanks to those people who share their blessings to me for my baby boy. 

So glad and happy because I don't need to buy the whole stuff for baby's need. 

Thanks for my wonderful in laws who contributed and my amazing friends who never fails to be there  for me.

3 freaking comments:

mine is missing here sis huhuhu. i hope u have a successful baptism day. and am i right he is gonna get it in the catholic church, too?

Hi, dropping by to say hello.. have a great weekend:)

@Imelda: What is missing? i don't get it... please tell me more... yup, he'll definitely be a catholic just like meh...

@Amy:thanks for dropping by

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