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Apr 8, 2010

Getting Ready for My Son's Baptism

I guess the title says everything here. I just need to elaborate what I really needs the most. First I have to confirm the schedule, date and time for my son's Baptismal. We do have our baptismal class last April 6 around 6:30pm at the Rectory area. But I was still confuse on when would be the schedule of the baptismal. I can compare them with what I used to in Philippines. Well, to make sure I have to call the church's office and speak with the Reverend before I give notifications to my family and friends here.

That is the first thing to do, second is who am I gonna invite? Of course I do have the list and it includes the godparents too which I obviously asked my husband's siblings and some of my friends in Philippines. What about the Venue and food? That is one of the biggest thing that bothers in my head. Being away from your own family and planning for a big event isn't good at all. I know I have my hubby's family here who is there for us 24/7 and willingly to help me into everything they can. It is still different when you have support from your own family.

I need someone to help me to prepare for the food. I asked my SIL and yes she agree with me to make some Chicken Broccoli Alfredo and Lasagna without onion as my hubby hates onion. I can make some desserts but what else? I can't feed them with just 2 food and some of my desserts. I want to have at least 4 of a kind food. This is getting really hard on my part. 

Another thing also is the venue, we do have an empty backyard where we can set up a tent to protect food from falling leaves and other insects. What about a big table where I can put the foods, drinks and others on? Not to mention the chairs, where my guest sits on. I am going nuts, I know I can do it by myself but I also need assistance.

I have to speak with my hubby about all this plan. And I have to make sure this will all be settle down a week before the Baptismal.

6 freaking comments:

Wow, everything is set for baby chaos. Happy for you mommy:-)

Ate, I have added now your 3 blogs in my 3 blogs also. :-) you may wanna check it in your free time

wow, dalia ra diay nov no? share the pic of your baby if it's okey with you..I'm sure he's so cute like the mom and dad:-)

@YEN:thanks girl, have added you also in my 3 blogs..hope to hear from you always..

@Carolyn: I am not sure if i'll be able to upload my son's pics here... if you do have FB pls do add me there i do have tons of his picture uploaded on that website.. i just can't do it here...hope you understand why

best of luck sis. hope everything will run smoothly the way you wanted it too.

@Lynn:Thanks sis..and it did... everything went smoothly..

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