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Apr 22, 2010

Baby Book

Ahhhh.... the baby book. This is what first comes in my head when I was still pregnant. To get a baby book for my son. To make sure that I will be able to record, get track with all the first things and reminders and memorable moments we both shared. 

Lucky enough, my mother in law gave one, during my baby shower and good thing I haven't bought anything for the baby yet. So, I get a free stuff and I'm loving it. I traced my family tree so does my partner to give knowledge to my son in the future.

This is one good thing and it really helps me too, because sometimes I procrastinate at least this would asked me questions and I can remember the dates and what accomplishments my so has.

3 freaking comments:

Babies today are very lucky, everything is accessible for them now. Those baby book are so easy to make now unlike before old day. Now, you'll get to cherish every inch of his days because of technology we have now.

Your son must be a real angel in your life :)

@Yen: That's really true..everything is so accessible, either online or if you would like a hardbound copy...

@MArie: Definitely, he's an angle to me

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