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Jan 7, 2010

Under construction

Pardon me! Pardon me... I didn't meant to make you feel annoyed on what's going on with my website. As you have noticed, it is under construction for some beautification reason. Customizing my template once again, as I have some errors on my previous one. If some icons, or entries that you can't read well, you can come back later while the transition is still on going.

But inspite with that, I thank you for visiting me as well.

6 freaking comments:

hi nov, kumosta na? i just got the invitation card this morning..thanks so much but so sad na di jud ko kaanha kay my boss promoted me from my work..daghan na ko ug responsibility..but for you I have something for your cute baby:-)

hubby really wants to visit you there but maybe sometimes this year..hope to see you soon:-)

HI ate you are doing well in your site of yours. I'm your one of your avid fans here. =)

wow ayo pa ka kay kabalo ka mag ayo ayo ani imong site. hopping here to greet a happy sunday mare

back here to greet u nice day kumare!

making my daily rounds here sis

Hello Nova!

Everything seems to be working fine. I can access your page without problems.

How's your pregnancy?

See you around! Hugs!

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