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Jan 16, 2010

I better start now

I have this business in mind that I had been planning  before I got here. I think I should better start doing it sooner. Planned more about it and eventually if I've got more information and knowledge it will help me a lot to earn double than the capital that I am making soon.

I sent some money to the Philippines to start a small business with, still not satisfied with the profit it is making. I want it more and bigger this time. I need to earn more and have a bigger capital for a bigger business. That way, even if me and my husband were working here. at the same time we gain some money on the other things we invested.

I was just searching online and browsing about successful businesses that starts from a scratched and I was really impress on how they make it grow. It gives me also the confident to trust myself and start from the bottom in order to be on the top. Stay humble and be honest in anytime. I was encourage  to continue it especially when a Nevada resident agent shared the experiences they have been through.

What am I waiting for? I better start having a small business now and stop being procrastinator.

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