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Jan 16, 2010

Burning Pictures

Okay, nothing happens and it is not really that I'm going to burn pictures here. Burning is another term of copying in computer dictionary. Since I have tons of pictures taken from last year and want to make sure I have enough space in my hard drive. I have to burn this pictures in one CD to compile them all. And yes I am starting it right now before I forget it again.

Burn Pictures, Images and Photos

3 freaking comments:

hi mommy nova was here for a i wish I know how to burn picture

it's really a good idea happen to me before..hubby keeps on telling me to burn my pictures because I had 5000 + pictures of 2009 but I didn't listen to him. Then I broke my hard drive. I lost 60% of my photo that made me cry for almost a month. Last christmas, hubby gave me a portable hard drive with 320 gb...I started copying my songs but the photos are still not copied. I need to do it very soon but lazyness strike me always hahahha..

thanks nov..your post is a good reminder for me to have mine done too...

akala ko kung anu nangyari syu sis.. bakit ka nag buburn ng pics hehehe...

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