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Jan 21, 2010

A Baby Shower for ME

These is the invite that my sisters in law got for me on my baby shower. Which will be held in one of my of their place. This is also the first time that I'm going and is my baby shower. They gave me one, and I'm so happy to have it too. I know we don't have this kind of showers in Philippines, but man! It's way too different here. But I'm glad that they did. So, I'll experience it too. They told me they have games, and foods at the same time during the party. Men! not included too bad. Exclusively for women and girls only. Isn't that fun?

Anyways, I love the invites it is really cute and I'm excited now. It'll be this Saturday.

Thanks to my sister in law...

5 freaking comments:

hi nov,im so excited for your baby shower..too bad I can't make it..I got your comments and I didnt publish it because you have your phone number there..I will call you maybe tomorrow..

hi sis, congrats sa baby mo... and nakaka excite nga yang baby shower hehe... i hope you'll have a safe and smooth panganganak :-)

i hope u can visit my blogs too.. :-)d

oi congrats nov ha! nice na para sa emo baby.

nice sis. wa ko ka experience anang baby shower ba. lingaw guro no.


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