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Dec 11, 2009

Restored the annoying issue

Regarding these website, if you come often and visits these blog, you would noticed that by now! I am afraid of losing all the widgets I have, want to save it first before deleting the whole thing. I even think of purchasing a new domain, maybe because blogspot is kicking me out of the free hosting.. lol!

Anyways, today accidentally I just went to pick out a new temporary template and accidentally save it. LOL!!!!! and things work out fine now. Good~ Because that means this blog is back to business again.

Still thinking of purchasing a new domain too. Still have to think of a new unique name and must have enough credit on my paypal too. lol....

Ends up that I just figured out what's wrong with the blog and its because of the template.

5 freaking comments:

good to know that everything's okey now, Novah. pero wala na ako sa blogroll mo :-( ahuhuhu. i know you will fix that one anyway.

musta na ikaw? thanks nga pala for always visiting my site ha.

how's the pregnancy going? sana everything's good for you.

take care Novah. hugs!

heheheh... happened to visit here:) bloghopping and read a while;) grab your badge dear ha! see you around!

I remember the times I kept buzzing you around to help me with my templates stuff issues hehehe, you really a great mentor of mine.Thanks ate. Merry christmas in advance

i visited your site a couple of times and i was wondering why i was redirected to a blank site. then i read blogs about bloggers having such problem too.

what was wrong with yours, sis? was it because of the code from pp? i was gonna ask you about it but i forgot.

but glad it's okay now. ingatz!

great you got your website back

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