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Dec 19, 2009

No updates lately

Due to some hectic schedules I have not much time to update this blog and so of my other blogs to inform you all about what is going on lately. My fault, I can barely go only because I have to go to work early than I used to and when I got home from work. The computer is alienated by my hubby as he is doing his Christmas shopping online. Now is the only time for me to at least sneak a peak on this computer to at least inform you that I ain't forgetting anything at all.

After days left on my training I surely hope that I'll be here frequently as I used to. I miss blogging you know. And can't wait to share more.

2 freaking comments:

hello Novah! it is okey. we understand that you have some other things to attend to (especially your job) than blogging.

despite your hectic schedule, you have been to my blog many times and I really really thank you for that.

have a merry christmas my dear Novah!!!

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