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Nov 20, 2009

Where is the SUN?

Can you find it? I doubt it, even I don't see the Sun for so many days now. Since I got a day off at work thinking I'll be enjoying the sunny day off. Instead, what I can see is just clouds all over the place.

Rain pours so heavy and sometimes not, but still there is no sun. I missed it. Hopefully this won't last that long before winter comes.

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5 freaking comments:

Oh yeah...kinda gray. I was in Florida on business for 24 hours last week...found enough time to walk on the beach and fire off a few frames. Came back to bleahh....gray.
A reminder that things will soon go to sleep, and that we get to start over again in the spring.
Thanks for sharing!

You've got to come to northern California if you want some autumn sunshine! I'll try to send you some!!

I have to hate it when the sun doesn't come out. Makes for a dreary day.

I'm also a northern Californian, like Linnea. We have so much sunshine that I enjoy the occasional gray day because it means maybe we'll get some rain! We've been having year after year of drought. I enjoyed your photos.

hello Novah! sorry if I haven't been able to visit you more often. have been busy lately. i have tried to get back into blogging after more than a month of absence and still can't blog as much as I've done before. whew!

but thanks for always being there to support me and my blogs!

ahhh. speaking of weather, here in sweden, it has been raining for days now. we are actually hoping for some sun somehow.


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