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Nov 3, 2009

The Wedding Musical globe

This is one of the musical globe that we got from our wedding reception. And I do love it so much that I even place it on my table beside our bed. Jeff's co-worker from pizza hut gave this to me, not thinking that I really love it.

In my entire life I have never got a gift that is musical and this is the very first time I got it. A man and Woman dancing on the musical music with hearts and confetti's that floats whenever they dance. Isn't that very romantic?

7 freaking comments:

nice sya.. kumusta naman ka? kanus-a emo due?

hope u visit my other blogs too
life round me N you
earthy me

i especially need your view on YOUR ESSENCE AS A WOMAN in my ://

uy, ganda oh!

i was reading the comment up, are you preggy pala?

@ruby:Thanks.. akong due kay this feb 11, na puhon.. hapit na jud.. can't wait to see our baby...

@jenie: thanks for the visit.. i would be happy to visit them all...

@webbielady: Yes my dear i'm on my 26weeks now....

wow, that's cool! i probably will enjoy watching that too. :)

Oh wow~ it is really cute and romantic. I thought the globe was broken at my first glance on it. LOL! I wonder where we can get one...

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