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Nov 10, 2009

Momgen's Craft Giveaway Contest

What: Momgen Craft Contest
When: Starts on today and ends on November 16, 2009
Blog link: First giveaway of momgen's craft contest

Momgen Craft Corner Giveaway
Mechanics is very simple:

1. Be her follower.
2. Spread the word through your blog post and link back in her post.
3. Put the button below into your sidebar.

Prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize:
It includes:
*1 beaded bracelet
*1 Christmas card
*2 Gift cards holders
*1 Sympathy card
*1 Greeting card
*10 Scrap paper - purple & yellow
* 85pcs. floral scrap - embellishments
* 11 craft ribbons
* 50 Glitter Christmas Peel and Stick Gift tags
*25pcs. yellow scrap paper
*6 sets of thank you card for baby shower
1000 EC - By Kalidadis
5000 EC - Wonderful Things In Life

Consolation I:

It includes:
* 1 pair Pink crystazzi pearl with crack quarts earrings
*5 sets of Christmas cards
*1 gift card holder
*6 scrap papers
*2 sets of girly greeting cards
1000 EC - Moi et mon univers!
2000 EC - Life's Journey

Consolation II
It includes:
*1 pair of white pearl beads with crack quarts earrings
*5 sets of Christmas cards
*1 gift card holder
*2 sets girly greeting cards
*6 pink scrap paper
1000 EC - Exploring The Great Outdoors
1000 EC - My Craft Stores Online

Consolation III
It Includes:
* 1 pair of white mother of pearl with white pear earrings
* 5 sets of Christmas cards
*2 sets of girly greeting cards
*1 gift card holder
* 6 green scrap papers
1000 EC - Cooking's Fun
1000 EC - Rewards Station

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