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Nov 8, 2009

Just getting ready

This are some of the stuff that we bought to the store, whenever we have the chance. We didn't tried to buy diapers yet because just want to make sure that we won't waste it. There are other baby's who are allergic to diapers but I am hoping that our boy would not having any problems at all just like his mama and papa.

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You're almost ready na for the arrival of your baby Nov. If you want to try the disposable diaper for your baby, just buy the small pack so if your little one will get an allergy or you want to try another diaper then you won't be wasting money. I bought big boxes of diapers and didn't use them all. I'm keeping them though for the next baby. hehe I like the pampers swaddlers especially for the newborn coz it's soft. :)

I still think diapers, although convenient to parents or whoever watches or cares for the baby, but still they are not healthy to both the child and our environment.

We were kids once, but look how strong and healthy we were without diapers and how close our bonds with our parents who used to dirty their hands washing our linens.

And imagine the mountain-high pile of used diapers lying in our dump sites which will take centuries to rot.

@Michelle: true, we planned to buy diapers but hubby just told me that if stance that baby's allergy to it.. what would be doing for the rest of them? and we are not planning to have another baby after we got this first one done with his patty

@JessieQ: oh yeah, i truly understand you, i wasn't experienced to this modern ways, that's way i would rather try to use the disposable diaper while we are home and just used diapers when we go out or at night time.

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