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Nov 12, 2009

I want to buy a bath robe

I really wanted to buy a bath wrap for my dear husband. And not for me, I got mine during my wedding shower as one of my relative in laws gave me this comfy and lovely pink color bath robe.

The reason behind that I would love to purchase one for my lovely husband it is because I want us to have a nice terry bath robe at home. See kinda nice and what you need as I don't want him to just walking around the house with his towel and such.

Besides other reason of using a nice waffle bath robe is that you can wear them to give you a nice and warm body especially during winter here. So, I went online to get some bath robe for him and chooses to manage the color black as it is more masculine figure.

I never told him about this yet, but I want to surprised him once the item is here. Affordable, comfy and just what I need to him. If you need one too, why don't you visit online and check out the website where I check mine. Simply click the bath wrap link here and it'll lead you to the website for more options.

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