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Nov 14, 2009

24 Weeks, He Kicked

When I reached my 24 weeks in pregnancy. That fun of pregnancy begins as I kept feeling my baby's movement inside my belly. It is really fun, before I could only felt those when my sisters were pregnant and they just grab my hand to place it on their belly. Now I can actually feel it. It is pretty amazing. I really can't wait until I finally give birth to our future baby.

5 freaking comments:

wow happy for you..soon you will see you little angel...

Wow congrats Nova, I didn't know you're pregnant. Best wishes my friend. Raptured Dreams, All Natural Cosmetics 4u, Natural Soap Making Supplies

@carolyn: thanks so much carol...

@tey: thanks dear.. finally i'm officially announcing it here... thanks dear...

Aww... it must feel nice to feel the kicking of a baby inside the womb. I wish I can feel something like that too... Not in my own womb, though! xD

@online: well thanks for the often visits... hm... maybe your sister who is pregnant whom you can asked her to hold hear belly when the baby moves its a fascinating things....

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