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Oct 12, 2009

Pearl for me

I adore pearl very much. Aside from having some of my collection, I am also collecting continuously. Meaning I never stop buy a unique pearls whether if it is pearl bracelet, pearl pendants and especially when it comes to a pearl earrings. I just love it very much. That is why when I found a website where I can check online and has a great offer of pearl collection. I never hesitated to check out myself and look what I found. One of the most adorable pearl earring that captured my eyes.

7-8mm Drop Pearl Earrings in Butterfly Design, Cz Diamonds
Isn't that something that caught your attention? I love it and I would make sure that my husband would get these pair for me on my birthday. What are you waiting for? Isn't that something that you will keep and pass on to your daughters. Wouldn't that be a priceless gift?

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Pearls are really nice accessories. Necklaces made of pearls look very elegant on a woman's decolletage. Be careful though, for it may break and scatter all over the floor! :D

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