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Oct 12, 2009

No Guts, No Glory

That is the title of my post today why? Because of so many reasons. I have signed up to another source of income lately, I think last month as I can remember but for a month passed by. I never figured out how to make a post. From the task that was send to me by the advertisers, asked some of the bloggers they helped me as much as they know but for some reason, I am not sure why I am still not understanding it.

I even wrote the administration. I should've read the whole instruction but for my laziness this is what iI get. Being left alone with tons and I mean tons of invitation. Just today, while I opened my e-mail. I got another invitation from the advertiser. And I say, what the heck! I'm going to figure it out myself. I need extra income for many reasons.

After minutes to spend on the computer, I finally figured out how this new paid post website works. Like I said, No Guts, No Glory. For those who helped thanks a lot. I appreciate your help so much.

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Congratulations on your new "job." Well, I don't know if that really is called a job, but you get paid for it, right? Good luck to you! :)

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